About Us

Legal awareness is a very important tool for any and all citizens of the country. Without the basic legal knowledge required to handle the day-to-day issues, the chances of getting exploited and mistreated are at an all time high. This is where the services of lawyers and advocates can be of use to the general public. It is almost impossible for people to be aware of all rules and regulations that govern them. With the help of lawyers, who are specialists in the field of litigation, the general public can seek to get their grievances redressed and get justice.

Chennai Advocates, a Chennai based law firm, have been practicing litigation for over a decade. Their legal services are considered to be among some of the best in the field. Driven by an approach of transparency, honesty, accuracy, and trust, the high quality legal services of Chennai Advocates have almost always resulted in a 100% success rate. All the lawyers who practice with us are dynamic, highly qualified, and are professionals who have all been vetted by the Bar Council of India. This ensures that our clients are in able hands that will help them get the justice that they seek.