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Chennai Advocates is a law firm based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu with a legal experience of almost a decade. Even though the company has been around for a decade, the success rate of the firm equals some of the best in the business. This is largely due to the extremely passionate and driven set of lawyers who practice with the firm. Their expertise and in depth knowledge of the subject makes sure that clients get the justice that they seek.

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Divorce Lawyer in Chennai

Divorce Law

A part of Family Law proceedings, particularly to deal with cases pertaining to the separation of two individuals bound in holy matrimony.



Involves all forms of legal action taken to mete out justice to the best of our ability.

Accident Law

Accident Law

Deals with all cases pertaining to any form of accident resulting in injury, loss, and/or damage.

Drug Law

Drug Law

Deals with all cases pertaining to actions involving drugs and other forms of substance abuse.

Personal Law

Personal Law

Deals with all cases pertaining to persons of a certain class, community, group, or culture.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Deals with all cases that result in criminal charges and accusations.

Personal Injury Lawyers

In cases where the action of one person causes intentional harm and/or to another person, such cases get classified as cases of personal injuries. It is also a legal term to refer to the injuries caused to the mind, body, and emotions, as opposed to the damages caused to properties. A wide variety of actions come under the ambit of personal injuries, right from car and motorcycle accidents to slip and fall injuries and medical malpractices. A few of the services provided under personal injuries are listed below.

Services We Offer

Car Accident

Any accidents involving automobiles of two or more people.

Security Law

Any accident as a result of negligent security in any capacity.

Personal Injury

Other acts such as slip and fall accidents and medical malpractices that cause intentional harm to a person’s mind, body, and/or emotions.

Criminal Defence

Deals with all cases that result in criminal charges and accusations.

Brain Injury

Injuries to the spinal column and brain as a result of an intentional act.

Motorcycle Accident

Any accidents involving bikes and motorcycles of two or more people.

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Communication is the most important tool in the practice of law. All details regarding the case will be relayed to the clients real time as per the proceedings. We will either call or email clients, based on their preferences, and inform them of all the progress made on their case.
The costs for the entire procedure varies from case to case and will depend on the nature, duration, and judgement of the case. At Chennai Advocates, we understand that legal processes are not affordable for all. Keeping this in mind, we ensure to keep our fees at the bare minimum so that all citizens can get the services irrespective of their income strata.
The best way to register a case with the firm is to set up a consultation with our advocates. This can be done by either calling or emailing the firm, details for which have been provided in the website. Once the consultation process has been completed and the details of the case have been collected, the firm will allocate a lawyer for the case who will take care of all the proceedings from there on.
At Chennai Advocates, we handle personal injury cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle injuries, brain injuries, and accidents caused due to negligent security.
We do not deal with international cases and clients and do not have Arbitration centers abroad. All our cases are restricted within the jurisdictional boundaries of India. We do, however, arbitrate cases in different states across the country.


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